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Problems regarding the information contained in certain comments.

User rating of a private number

Our website does not have the intention of, nor does it have any interest in, keeping or disclosing information about users by means of their private numbers.
We delete comments which concern you directly. However, if any comments remain containing information relating to you or which affect your privacy as an individual, please use the comment deletion request form, and tick the box, "This comment contains personal information." We shall delete the comment which intrudes on your privacy.

User rating of your company

Most comments on Phonecall-info.co.uk are negative ones which report nuisance callers or scammers by means of the number which identifies the line.
Obviously, if there are comments made about your company, we understand that this can pose a problem.
Our website is founded on the principle of open discussion and contains comments from users sharing information about phone numbers.
We are not in a position to judge whether information provided is true or false.
You can use the comment deletion request form if a comment contains false or insulting information.